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Let me know when you publish, so I can see how they look when they grow up.

What if Harry wasn't as trusting and more intelligent then what people give him credit for.

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Fortunately, those same four forces have got it in for each other as well.

Rated M for sex and other mature, darkly realistic subject matters. After an attack on his 7th birthday Naruto undergoes some serious changes. Naruto dies during the Wave mission and makes a deal with the Shinigami to get a second chance at life.

As her intact life shatters into multiple shards, she's now left to decide whether to fight for evil with her kingdom, or to fight for good with her archenemies. Things are changing for the better in the Mushroom Kingdom.

But for the hero in green, it's changing for the worse.

However, the Fourth's jutsu sealed Madara and the demon into a newborn baby.

Naruto, cursed with a chakra even more sinister than the Nine Tail's, will now challenge a rising Akatsuki under new leadership, and determine which path to justice he will take. I'm not a very expirienced writer, and I tend to procrastinate, But I will try to update my story when I can Now, a little about my writing style.At almost any given time, I have at least one storyline generating in my head, sorta putting myself in the story, or just running off on some random tangent.They say that you can't expect everything, so what would happen when a crazy secret is revealed? Pairings: Naruto x Hinata x Fem Sasuke, Neji x Tenten, Lee x Kin, more pairings coming along. He no longer dreams of being the Hokage, but what is he to do when despite all the abuses the village is unwilling to let him go. After his rebirth he finally learns what a true shinobi is. This is the rewrite, trust me this will be much better than the first.When Danzo attempts to kill Naruto at Age 3, The Third Hokage uses a jutsu to save Naruto with his dying breathe, and Naruto finds himself in another world.Main pairing D/EThis is the sequel to "Harry Potter and the Ultimate Force." Harry is now off to his second year at Hogwarts, where a new danger awaits.

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