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Here at REGINA Magazine, we thought this would be an opportune moment for a temperature check with US experts about where Catholic families start – Catholic dating.

As the 78-year old pontiff is famously open to new technology, we’ve asked Anthony Buono and Rose Ferguson of the online dating firm ANTHONY: Mainstream online dating has been respectable since took off around 1998.

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It is not fair to any group and as I said we are all singles and it is a place to so and have a good time dance and have a few drinks and also a meal at midnight Just Jacks I have not ever scene you at one so I am not to sure how you can run them down as POF members go there and they have a good time and also that is one of the places they go for New YEars as you can still talk and not have a bunch of drunks around and have to stand like in a bar which is a meat market the bars that is Well I'm not sure by what you mean by 'I have not ever scene you at one ...' because bad grammar filters past my pea brain.

Also, being strangers, it's more than likely you haven't noticed me.

Yes it is summer, and people tend to spend more of their days out doors rather than in front of their computers looking at date sites, but I am sure there must be some intrest out there in getting out and meeting other singles. Perhaps something along the line of New Quest's suggestion of a pre-event followed by hooking up with the Contemporary group for a dance. I don't know Regina very well in terms of venues, amenities etc but would be willing to help with putting something together. I have no idea how to let all the singles from ages 35 know about it, so if someone knows how to post it in the upcoming events....

Maybe what is needed is a thread that clearly lets others know a list of events that are going on. I've been to Mc Nally's once and it was very loud and very crowded and it was a night of yelled conversation and getting bumped by drunks. I'm not sure how to go about this...I've grabbed the bull by the horns and have set up a forum telling about a POF social on Nov 21/09.

If you need to cancel you may be eligible for a refund or event rain check, based on our cancellation policy, provided you contact us before the event day.

Upon successful registration we will email you a confirmation with the event details.I've been to the dances, so I can "run them down" if I want.Not all opinions have to be in the positive just jacks I am sorry you feel this way so I do and have you been to the new address then as it is a good one....Great idea Eh V8R, it will be very nice if we all get more time to organize or prepare for it. Hope we can organize something, at least one time this summer. Perhaps it's a cast of a thread getting shot down by a gutted fish.There is a Contemporary Singles Dance on July 18th..I suggest we meet that same day in the park, have a wonderful BBQ and then later on go to the dance. I, personaly would like nothing better than to see an event or regular activity right here in Regina that I could go to, to meet other singles, that did not involve massive amounts of liquar and noise levels so loud you have to yell at someone you just met to be heard.Do a BBQ thing where it's bring your own food/drinks, etc?

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