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HARARE - Inside State House in Harare, Robert Mugabe was in the tightest spot of his 37-year rule.

Tanks were on the streets and troops had occupied the state broadcaster, from where the army had announced it had taken control of Zimbabwe.

It said schools must ban the use of Uighur language in “collective activities, public activities and management work of the education system” and “resolutely correct the flawed method of providing Uighur language training to Chinese language teachers”.

When children go back to school in the Autumn, it said that Mandarin “must be resolutely and fully implemented” for the three years of preschool, and then “promoted” from the first years of elementary and middle school “in order to realise the full coverage of the common language and writing system education.” It warned that any school which “plays politics” and refuses to implement the edict will be accused of being “two-faced” and shall be “severely punished”.

SECURITY DETAILAs ministers in the G40 faction tried frantically to work out what was going on, Chiwenga’s men closed in on Mugabe’s compound.

According to a source briefed on the situation, Albert Ngulube, a CIO director and head of Mugabe’s security detail, was driving home around pm after visiting Mugabe.

"The crimes of European colonisation are unquestionable . Eyewitnesses said two people on a motorcycle threw the grenade late in a neighbourhood of the Ouagadougou, but the assailants missed their target - a bus carrying members of the French military.

A majority Muslim group in China have been banned from using its language in schools.

In late June, the Education Department in Hotan province (Hetian in Chinese) issued an a five-point directive which forbade teaching in the Uighur language in schools.

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