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Penny visited frequently, and Mom visited her often.

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She was wearing some of the shortest shorts I have ever seen.

When she turned, I could see the enchanting crease of her ass cheeks below the minuscule legs of the shorts.

My affair with my beautiful mother, Mona, had been going on for about two months.

We were deliriously happy, drunk with pleasure and addicted to incestuous sex.

He always impressed me as being a rather sly and devious person, someone I could never quite trust.

I guess that he and Penny had once been really in love and had had an active sex life.

On top she was wearing a skimpy halter that looked like an ad in a sexy lingerie catalog for a padded push-up bra to make every girl look like Sophia Loren.

However, the difference was that the only padding in that halter was just pure Aunt Penny, filling it full and overflowing, the nipples poking the thin fabric out excitingly.

She had brown hair with a sort of coppery cast to it, deep brown eyes like Mom's, a roundish face with a beautiful clear complexion, and rather pouty full lips. She had a vibrant personality and was somewhat more outgoing and more outspoken than Mom.

For several years she had been treating me like an equal adult, and I really appreciated that.

I could have asked Mom whether Penny knew about us, but I didn't feel quite right doing that.

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