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These are useful on occasions when you generate extra waste - for example parties and house moves.Families of five or more permanent residents and/or households with coal ash or clinical waste can request an additional bin or sacks, subject to an application form being completed and assessed by Council officers. Families with two adults and two or more children under 4 years old in nappies can apply for a one-off allocation of 100 beige sacks that would last for 2 years. If you are unable to move your grey wheelie bin or beige bag(s) to the front of your property you can arrange an assisted collection.The system will indicate the email address just below the Login button. If the agent requesting the password does not have access to the email, we will not be able to assist them. Where do I send policy payments, endorsement requests and any other policy documents? Johns Insurance Company PO Box 1779 Columbia, SC 29202-1779 Overnight: St.

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Distance to the coast, protection class, number of families and loss history determine if a risk is eligible for the preferred or standard program- See rule 150.

Program - Eligibility in the manual for complete details.

We have provided guidance about waste disposal for developers.

From April 2013 the oversight of waste management, recycling and street care services was passed to a Joint Waste Committee.

If you are a new resident and there is neither a bin nor any sacks at your property, please contact us.

You can request recycling containers on the 'Request recycling containers' button.

By FY 1996 ACS became the fourth largest commercial outsource provider in the U. More recently, ACS was best known for its Transportation Solutions Group (TSG), which supported transportation services including electronic toll collection, management of cities’ parking systems, and photo traffic enforcement.

In 2009, ACS ranked #401 on the FORTUNE 500 list and employed about 74,000 people around the world who served thousands of commercial and government clients.

Initially created as a data services provider to the financial services industry, Deason led ACS’s expansion into the communications, education, financial services, government, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail, and travel and transportation industries.

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