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It also leaves nothing to be desired since the conclusion is satisfying and wrapped up well. The movie is about 40% plot, and 60% action, so it will not fail to disappoint.

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Well, what I can say about the quality of the resolution and character design of this anime I already said in my review of Championship Road, which you can watch so I’ll leave this portion to the review to the execution of the fights.

The sparring sessions Miyata and Kimura have are intense and it creates a sense of anticipation of how Kimura will do come the time the bell rings.

Fujiwara Keiji, the voice of Shingo from Initial D, Eledore from Gundam 08th MS team, and Reno from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children who voices Kimura brings a whole new stand out quality to his character thanks to the opportunities that this oav centers around him.

Fujiwara always tends to play smart-ass characters but he plays Kimura in a way where you can finally take him seriously as if he were real.

You really get to see how much boxing really means to Kimura and you really see him work hard for this opportunity to defy the odds.

Aoki who is also primarily used for comic relief is also taken seriously and you truly start to care for these two crazy guys.

The Detroit Hitman Style may come across as unrealistic to those who may not be familiar with boxing, when in fact it’s based on a style used by Thomas Hearns, who has fought in many of boxing’s greatest bouts in the 1980s against Roberto Duran, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Marvin Hagler.

If you look up his fights, then you’ll see how freakish his speed and reach really is.

He's always had his dreams, but now he's got a chance to go for it, so he becomes more determined and pushes himself to his limits.

The OVA looks back on Kimura's past a little bit, though most of it is sorta a refresher of what we learned from the series.

The fights are still intense and you can truly feel the passion these fighters have as they come closer to either victory or defeat.

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