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Online Dating: Technology has been harnessed in our favor over the past few years.

Video dating and party lines have gone the way of the doo wop, and everyone can spend their time online, networking with individuals, in hopes of enriching their personal lives.

There are a lot of cool, hip places all around the city, such as: Funky Buddha Lounge (728 West Grand Avenue # 1), Rednofive (440 North Halsted Street) and Flat Iron (1565 North Milwaukee Avenue) that cater to young people who want to be social.

Learn more about your friend’s boyfriend, and friends: So, if you’re wondering how your friend landed such a catch, then probe.

Seasonal ballads such as “All I want for Christmas is You,” have finally been dismissed from public circulation, yet you are still yearning for that special someone to share time with, even if it isn’t for time spent “beneath the Christmas tree.” It’s difficult to find like-minded individuals now-a-days, particularly during the holiday season.

This is especially true of black professionals, hoping to find romance outside of the work place. We’ve done a wee bit of field research into the realm of black professional dating, and we’ve discovered a few surefire ways for you to have a sweetie to serenade the next time Christmas songs are back in season.

Downtown Dining: Chicago has a few great features, one of those being great cuisine on nearly every other block of the city.

But these restaurants can offer more than braised pork or chicken curry; they can offer you the opportunity to meet other singles. Wabash) are great sit-downs that have a nightlife feel to them.

Scenario: You enter the store with a good friend, preferably male, and you’re “searching” for a suit.

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