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"I was very happy when I saw his name." He asked her to be his girlfriend on the way to the TV station at Caldecott Hill in December 2015. On their decision to go public with the relationship much later, Chin says: "Once we announced it, people would start asking us questions. It's the same with every young relationship, it's no different just because we are actors." Although both of them are serious about the relationship and usually date with the intention of marriage in mind, they say it is too early to speak of them walking down the aisle. " Less coy about their dating life are Pow, 26, a television actor and former Manhunt contestant, and Wang, 26, a 98.7FM radio DJ.

They are most demonstrative on social media and their Instagram accounts are filled with blissful wefies, goofy videos and dedications to each other.

In between takes, they chatted about travel and books, and bonded over their Christian faith.

Last year, he made strides by winning his first popularity prize at the Star Awards and making his movie debut in local comedy Young And Fabulous (2016).

Chin and Xu got closer as friends on the set of period blockbuster The Journey: Our Homeland (2015), where they played mother and son.

The most tight-lipped of the three pairs are Liu, 37, and Chan, 35, who were first spotted shopping at Chinatown's Chinese New Year Bazaar last year.

Since then, they have kept a low profile and rarely talk about their love life in interviews.

But Sheila Sim's then-boyfriend, now-fiance hit it off with her family from the start.

Her mother, a 56-year-old helper at a bakery, loved him.Between the two, Chin is the more established performer, often landing leading roles, such as those in upcoming Channel 8 drama Legal Eagles and online Mandarin series 2589 Days Apart.Xu is still finding his footing in the entertainment industry.Although her social circles revolve around the glitterati of the fashion and entertainment industry, she says it was not easy finding dates."People think it is easy to get to know new people because we meet a lot of people in this industry.While actress Jesseca Liu and comedian Jeremy Chan are tight-lipped about their relationship, actor Shane Pow and radio DJ Kimberly Wang (both above) have no qualms sharing blissful wefies on social media.

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