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I think we’d all agree that relationships are relationships—and love is love—regardless of your sexual orientation.

“In many straight relationships, men and women are often worried about fulfilling their roles and forget to just be themselves,” Prais says. When possible, forget about the outside world and who you are ‘meant’ to be.” Being friends with an ex is generally considered a red flag to straight people, but research shows that female same-sex partners are able to stay in the same social circle—and even be friends, after they break up.

Of course, this isn’t possible for every set of exes—some people never stop having romantic feelings for each other—but it doesn’t hurt to be more open minded about what having a relationship with an ex means.

” And if your relationship is only just beginning, be sure to check out these 40 Irresistible First Date Ideas.

With each other, but also with yourself and those important to you.

Maybe that’s maintaining healthier friendships with past partners, maybe it’s approaching parenthood in a refreshingly equal way, or maybe it’s simply negotiating the more troublesome moments that any couple faces with a healthier sense of optimism.

Whatever the case, we’ve compiled all of the pointers that any straight couple could learn from same-sex one right here—straight from the experts.

“This also forces the husbands to befriend each other even if they don’t like one another, and vice versa.

In gay relationships, there is no segregation of a particular gender (apart from in the bedroom of course).

Once that issue is broached and processed (and continually processed), the relationships all around them change, and become more honest.” And speaking of honesty: here are 17 Secrets You Should Never Keep From Your Partner.

It’s pretty difficult for both partners to both fulfill traditional gender roles in a gay relationship, so they simply don’t.

On a similar note, stick with it when the going gets tough.

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