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He was a little goofy looking: big, bulgy eyes, a bit of a swayback. Upon checking in, Id thought he was a typical Frenchie, who was uncharacteristically friendly.

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After a few minutes I asked Marvin, Can we just take the sheet off?

""""He said, Ya but only if we keep our underwear on.""""So I said, OK.""""As soon as the sheet was off, Marvin climbed on top of me and started to playfully hump and touch me underneath my pajama top...

;) Added: 19-Feb-2017 What you are about to read is purely fictitious.

I am in no way an advocate of violence, rape, kidnapping or hate-speech.

Just then a guy came around the corner and we made eye contact.

He moved into the doorway and asked, You mind if I watch the video with you? Added: 13-Sep-2016 He bought me drink and we chatted for a couple of minutes about sports and what have you and then told me, I came down to the bar for a blowjob.""""When I told him, "Good luck.Added: 03-Jan-2017 All hell broke loose when I was attacked by Mr.Big-shot, I let loose a bunch of fight combos and he was down instantly, but no sooner than I got finished with him that his friends attacked me and then...He rubbed it in telling me how he nailed her from behind bent over the back of my couch.I got so turned on thinking about it and pretended to be mad. Added: 13-Jan-2017 I should have closed the door and watched the video like I usually did, but something made me wait.***** A couple of weeks later I spent a couple of hours making arrangements for a return engagement for John and Tom.

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