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I began to understand a little and things just grew from there.Rosko (centre), who is 74 now and lives in LA, was riding the airwaves in the UK again to boost charities.

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Exciting reports say that the mysterious missing main gate to Viniansky Castle has finally been found.

The castle ruin in eastern Slovakia originally dominated a hill overlooking the trade route into Poland.

The new Cayenne model is longer and lower but about 65 kilograms lighter. It is also said that it will be able to accelerate to 100 km in less than five seconds.

Both engines are combined with an eight-speed automatic transmission and all four-wheel drive.

The main scientific experiment is its VLF receiver and a camera used to photograph Earth.

Part of the aim is to scan Slovakia from outer space.

Porsche has revealed a new generation of SUV which is to be “Made in Slovakia” for the first time.

Up until the annoucement the Cayenne’s bodywork and driving gear has been built in Slovakia before being sent to the Porsche plant in Leipzig for putting together.

The pledge to move production in 2014 to Bratislava and a year later a foundation stone of the new factory in the Devínska Nová Ves area was laid .

And next year the Audi Q8 followed by Lamborghini’s first SUV will be made in Bratislava too.

Eric said: “Brilliant to meet up with my old pal Rosko and to be there when he and Dr Telensky finally got a chance to chat!

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