Playfire gamercard not updating

It would be cool to have my level and number of trophy on it, updated automaticaly.

playfire gamercard not updating-17

Since 2.4 is not online, I can't understand why sony didn't give us a place to find our official gamercard link.

I mean, we have a gamercard on the PSN, and our friend can check it even if we're offline, so this means we can link it in our sig, for exemple. Yes I meant like in your sig (like the xbox gamertag), but trippletag isn't enough for someone as lazy as me, lol.

Now if only SONY would let them see how many trophies we unfortunate that SONY hasn't created any offical gamercards yet -- or at the very least allowed 3rd party gamercards to be auto-updated.

Now if only SONY would let them see how many trophies we have.

The idea for Playfire came from observing how gamers included information about themselves such as their PSN ID, recently played games and other things in their signatures below each forum post.

Playfire was the first website to release a Play Station gamercard which attracted a large number of gamers to the service.

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