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All of it is true (what if she quizzed me on War and Peace?lol), and it kind of gives a taste of my own unique flavour.

It’s written so that it makes best use of answering the profile format questions that ok Cupid makes people do in order to make their profiles better. It was edited quite a few times, and run by a few friends.

No doubt there are better bios, due to someone being more creative/funny or just plain more interesting than me.

Remember the main purpose of the profile pics is to grab someone’s attention.

If she’s taken 7-10 seconds to peruse your pics, then she’s already attracted to you at the thin superficial level that online dating provides.

But this is me, and everything I wrote had a purpose behind it.

The pasted text is italicized and my comments follow right after.

If you haven’t already read it, I recommend reviewing the previous section on getting a great profile picture.

Generally the hotter someone is the less effort they’ll put into writing their bio, since we follow the path of least resistance.

The next page discusses writing an effective tinder profile.

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