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I can't think of any Politician today I really admire. Suetonius, writing about the Deified Julius, tells us "when his army gave way, he often rallied it single handed, planting himself in the way of the fleeing men, laying hold of them one by one and forcing them to face the enemy.

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He relates Rome's struggle to preserve its ordered realm from a surrounding sea of barbarism and its long slow crumbling and final catastrophic collapse into darkness and chaos.

Turning to the eastern Mediterranean, we accompany Christ on his ministry, witness the tragic scenes of the Passion, and sail and walk with Paul on his missionary labors.

The Story of Civilization represents the most comprehensive attempt in our times to embrace the vast panorama of man's history and culture. Join our group daily and listen to what Durant and the rest of us are saying. Time after time throughout the era of "our Oriental Heritage" and even during "The Life of Greece" we have seen leaders summarily executed by those who captured them.

Now let us click on to this ARTICLE and consider what will be done to our latest dictator.

In this Discussion Group we are not examining Durant.

We are examining Civilization but in the process constantly referring to Durant's appraisals.You never cease to learn something new in the study of Latin, and no one person, even if he studied for his entire life, can know it all. There is the Latin of Cicero, the Latin of Plautus and Terence, the Latin of the Medievalists, Church Latin, the Latin of the Late Empire, and more!It's been lauded through the centuries, for instance Lord Byron wrote, "I love the language, that soft bastard Latin, Which melts like kisses from a female mouth Ginny:--Thank you for your answer to Joan's question.I read a lot about Caesar last year and feel that in our world today history is sure repeating itself.Power and Greed seem to be the things which attract many people to become Politicians even today.Oh, I'm sure he used numerous people including women, but when you consider all that he did for Rome, how can you find fault with the man.

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