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But everything is not coming up roses for these two.

"Andy really doesn't like talking about the future," Vanessa says.

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"For him to take the time to write all his feelings down on a piece of paper, it just shows me he's committed to the very end.

But it does put a bit of pressure on me." He rambles a bunch more about the door, helping her find it, and them walking through it. But the only door Michelle's walking towards is the exit. ANTHONY & NADIA Anthony and Nadia left their opera singers behind in the wood to find their own way home, while they themselves head to a romantic candlelit dinner.

"She's really scared," says Anthony, not understanding. She's alarmed by your inflexibility and general demeanour. You move somewhere else." THEN WHY DON' T YOU MOVE TO BRISBANE, ANTHONY? "And I feel like that could very easily happen between you and I." Anthony does not like this line of thinking and proposes a hypothetical: If they were dating for this long in real-life and he asked her on another date, would she say yes? After he tries to argue that he's put just as much as her on the line, she SNAPS. " "I would like to say to you Nadia that life's a fairy tale," he says patronisingly.

"I've packed up and moved overseas in a really short period of time," he lectures her. Also, moving somewhere to follow a career path is MUCH different than moving somewhere to follow a partner. "So, I'm just going to pack my bags right now and I'm going to get on the next flight to Anthony's arms," she says sarcastically with a wild look in her eyes. "But I think we're both old enough to realise that it's not." Anthony is mainly upset that Nadia has doubts about him, which "doesn't really sit well".

His talk centres mostly on everything Nadia is doing wrong. Shazza gives me fits." "I feel like I've done enough to show Nadia how much she means to me," Anthony tells us. They give each of the couples a box containing an ancient artifact known as a DVD that contains their wedding footage!

"And that needs to be enough for her…Aside from saying those three words that I'm not ready to say, I can't do any more." Sure, buddy. It's all good fun for everyone except Michelle and Nadia, who just really, really are not into their partners.

"If I wasn't comfortable, I'd just leave." This does not sit well with Nessie. "You would have committed and done the experiment and looked after them regardless." "You've got to know it does hurt me to hear you say that," he says, while not really contradicting her.

Vanessa decides to abandon this fight and move on to the one they've been having all along: He doesn't talk enough, and she's still waiting for "that one hyper moment" from him.

Not someone who just says, Oh we'll see how it goes." Valid.

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