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Although the material chosen for the carriage body had been used in the production of road freight vehicles in the recent past, it has never been used in the production of rail vehicles.

Combining strength and thermal insulation characteristics with extremely low weight made the choice of this material particularly appropriate for our carriage project.

In addition to this higher carrying capacity all four carriages will now have wheelchair access therefore allowing more users the opportunity to travel every day.

The total track length is 7.53 kilometers with a steepest gradient of 1 in 5.5 (or 1 meter rise every 5.5m travelled).

Snowdon Mountain Railway is the only public rack and pinion railway in the United Kingdom.

The braking system also uses the rack to slow and stop the trains with the brakes fitted to the pinion axles on the locomotives and carriages.

Snowdon is unique in rack railways by having a derailment protection device fitted either side of the rack which engages with fittings under each carriage and locomotive which ensures that the vehicle cannot lift out of the rack.

The locomotive always runs chimney first up the mountain pushing a single carriage in front of it.

For safety reasons the carriage is not coupled to the locomotive.If the train's speed exceeded 7.5 mph for any reason, the brake came on.In 2012 the first of 4 new carriages was delivered to Snowdon Mountain Railway with the remaining 3 due for delivery early in 2013.Between 19 the company took delivery of 4 British built diesel locomotives to complement the steam fleet at a cost of £250,000 each. The original carriages were open above the waist and had canvas curtains, which provided little protection against the elements.These locomotives are powered by 320 Horsepower (238 k W) six cylinder turbocharged Rolls Royce diesel engines of 12 litres capacity. Between 19 the superstructure of the original carriages was modified to produce the enclosed bodies.Snowdon Mountain Railway is the only public rack and pinion railway in the British Isles.

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