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To Adam's delight, Melodie was happy to accept a second date.

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Melodie and Adam met through an online dating service.

After several weeks of messaging, they decided to meet in person.

Adam arrived early at the reserved table near the fireplace and awaited Melodie's arrival.

Adam can recall wondering to himself whether Melodie might be his last first date It appears he needn't have wondered since you're reading this on our wedding site!

But what stands out is her ability to season food well.

She's a "master seasoner." Ask her to season your food and you're in for delicious. Although he doesn't have the kitchen chops of Melodie, he does make a great omelette.The trip challenged Melodie and Adam to work together and discover how well they would get along under stressful situations.Probably the most stressful situation encountered was the border crossing back into the United States after staying in Mexico for a week.Although they were both skeptical of online dating, it only takes meeting the right person for it to be worth it!The First Date On December 10, 2016 at pm, Melodie and Adam met for the first time at Water Street Brewery in Delafield, WI.Adam had to rely on Melodie's co-pilot navigational skills to get him back to the San Isidro border crossing. If you've ever driven near Tijuana, you know this isn't an easy task even if you know the roads well.

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