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Thanks for making this mod, it is one of the best I have played.

I like to listen to J-rock during the sieges so I get super pumped up and feel like I'm in Seven Samurai or something. Can you do Special stats for the Clans for Exemple based on Shogun 2 Total war?

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Adjusted Frequency of Azi Dahaka spawns and removed sound notification. I recently used last version of the mod without any problems at all. These armies start off kind of small, 50-100 guys tops.

I didn't download this, but from the last patch's perspective, is there a way for the map to not go beyond the line when you're viewing it on the really top point.. And now when updating to this version everything loads like a sloth. Adding a letter to my character name, skill point etc, takes about 10 seconds. But these generals have high charisma and intelligence. You get 5 days to hunt them down and kill them, btw they carry an enormous amount of money. If you haven't wiped this scourge of wealthy, sneaky, weak rats from Pendor after say, 40 days, all heck breaks loose.

From the Founding of Pendor - the year is 354 A King has not ruled the shattered land of Pendor for many generations.

What was once a proud accomplishment of man now is steeped in the myths of folklore and told as children’s bedtime stories. A tale of a champion who comes from a distant shore and unites the lords of Pendor under a single Ruler and brings peace and prosperity once again to this ravaged war-torn land.

All is not as it seems as there are many powers who have their own ends in mind and an epic struggle is about to unfold. Prepare to enter the world of Pendor and accept the challenge of the Prophesy - if you dare. Training field have a number after them (intenunaly? On start you get your starting equpment X2 (note that it isent nesserily the same equmpment but two armours, two swords and so on.

3.7063 Fixed prisoner dialogue hang after talking with lady_in_waiting Fixed Mettenheim upgrade tree Adjusted (improved) Mettenheim spieszknecht to work inside upgrade path Adjusted Toblik mercenary so male/female confusion is now all male. Adjusted Vecavian Uncut Fixed bald kidnapped girl Fixed Azi Dahaka bald priestess.. sorry if my english is a bit crappy at some points, iam a bit lazy ^^ I have no idea what's causing this extremely slow responding stuff.. A few small armies can land, each army has a general, with the lead general being named David.

As a player of Gekokujo, you will start from nothing and attempt to gain control of the entire country, making the title fitting. this kind of mod (plus warband ofc) is what gaming is all about. hopefully its good thematic music and not that heavy metal stuff. Finally a new update : D "1 week ago.." but ive been waiting a long time for another update. but i dont know if its just a bug but in date clan all the Lords and daimyo have a wierd messedup textured armor. so i just took a city, and i see a screen that says "You shouldn't be reading this" or something, and when i click continue nothing happens. i think i figured it out, i was a part of someones army, but it was defeated, and then i got a journal entry telling me to return to my liege lord and rejoin his party.

I didn't pirate the game, i just gave myself higher stats in the character files... i don't think you can take cities while your supposed to be in their retinue.

I think it would be really cool to add religion next.

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