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contestants happened to bump into each other on the Tube last week – 25 years after first meeting on Cilla Black's dating show.Howard Griffiths had picked Brigette to be his date in the nineties and the pair were whisked away to Germany for the weekend."It ended up being a disaster," says the 38-year-old from Manhattan.

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Meet Ozzy and Butter, two ginger twins who were separated at the shelter when two different families adopted them. Brian Herrera and Cathleen Cavin seemed to lead parallel lives never destined to intersect.

But fate had other plans in mind for the seemingly star-crossed brothers. Born just two months apart in Bay Area towns, the 44-year-olds never met, even though they lived in the same three cities over the years and went to the same concerts.

And in July 2014, they both decided to adopt a ginger-and-white kitten (one Ozzy, one Butter) at the Petaluma Animal Shelter, all without ever meeting. "It was love at first sight," Cavin told Love Meow.

"The date never ended and I went to his house later that night, and I could not believe my eyes. ” He thought I was a crazy cat lady until I had him come over to my house and see Ozzy." The next day, Brian did just that.

"On average, partners who were cyclical while dating enter marriage in a slightly more challenging spot than their non-cyclical partners," says Vennum.

"[They] report more uncertainty about whether getting married is the best decision and begin the marriage with more destructive conflict, less feelings of closeness to their partner and lower satisfaction." Vennum says in the world of romance research, there are plenty of theories as to why we continually try to rekindle old flames, even though we may know better."Most people have been dumped and can relate to that longing for an ex and the dream of a second chance," says Amber Vennum, assistant professor of family studies and human services at Kansas State University, and author of the study."But in real life, as much as it hurts, maybe there are relationships that are better off left as memories." For the study, Vennum analyzed data from a score of old and young "cyclical couples" (couples who break up, then make up) as well as noncyclical couples (those who stick together through thick and thin) and found that cyclical couples tend to have a much tougher time after reuniting."Some people miss their partner or are uncertain why they broke up or they feel the relationship has improved," she says."It may be a combination of factors such as continued attachment to the previous partner, less closure if the reason for the breakup was not very clear, or constraints, such as having a child together or living together." As for the "let's be friends" approach, Vennum says there needs to be more research done to see whether friendship with an ex is a feasible alternative. it would probably be less risky if the break-up is mutual and there is clarity on the status of the relationship post-breakup," she says.He didn't trust me the same way and I felt guarded because I could tell he was retreating.

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