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I don't say this simply due to the notes being there, it quite honestly smells of a well aged N° 5 EDT which baffles me.

So glad I stocked up just as it was getting hard to find. It was soapy and strong like Chanel 5 which I hated. I was in Sicily in Taormina, in 2012, it does not necessarily smell indentical. I have been following fragrantica for many years, and as such I decided to do a blind buy with this perfume several years ago. But, an old school soap bar that you used when you where a little girl.

I can remember sharp orange blossom and sandalwood. I still remember the high hopes that I had with this perfume, and that was until my first spray. The one that burned your eyes when it got into your eyes.

Sicily is an attempt of using a bigger amount of aldehydes in a modern fragrance and the floral-aldehyde heart of the composition lies on the oriental vanilla base.

Floral-aldehyde compositions which instantly remind of classic Chanel N°5 posses glamour and elegance of «old» classic fragrances.

Apart from the classic glamour the aldehydes in Sicily, combined with floral notes and warm oriental base, give a fine effect of a warm female skin. Sicily is not for everyone since it has that vintage honeysuckle that can be a little bit too overpowering.

The top notes are Sicilian bergamot and powdery honeysuckle, the heart notes are jasmine, black rose and hibiscus, and the base notes – heliotrope, sandalwood and musk. Guess who has a local store with a bunch of old stock of Sicily right below my street??? On my skin this is a mix of the honeysuckle with the banana note.

It's a straight up tale of a woman in her 30s, wondering the city streets with a beautiful business suit & a Chanel brooch with some YSL heels accompanied by Dior lipstick. Ordinary in Winter, warms up in Summer where the sweet banana comes to life.

She's got money, and she's not afraid to show it off. Sicily is mature and quietly beautiful, and right up there in quality, potency and class.

Its a true gem and stockpile it while its still our there!

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