Romania dating rituals

The job seekers come here to earn more money and to join the Islamic culture and be close to the Holy mosques at Madina and Mecca.

Different people from all over the world reside here to work and grow up their childer in a fabulous Islamic environment.

The school children took pictures of people and places to show what it's like to live in Cardiff.

Some of the kids are featured in an exhibition called Open Cities Faces. Mercy and Joy and their father Derek are originally from Zambia. Nick: Derek, tell me why you came to Cardiff and why you took part in this project. I came to Cardiff because I was offered a job here.

Projects like ‘Open Cities’ can bring people in the community together and give young people hope for the future.

Good afternoon, everyone Yes I was visited some countries that have different culture and it seems to be really interesting to see how people behave in different in different country and what they do what they eat what kind of rituals they have during the year it is a really really good experience.

Every year, freshly graduated students migrate and knock the doors of world class Universities to gain more knowledge and experience. "Photos show four police officers armed with handguns, batons and pepper spray standing around the woman, who wearing a blue headscarf and matching top while lying on the beach".

Tales of vampires and other similar blood-sucking creatures have been told in various societies across the world.Derek: Yes, the shadow is deliberate to try to show our past, where we’ve come from.Nick: And do you consider Cardiff to be your home now? We are part of the local community, we have settled down and we think Cardiff is great.This place where I live now it really is multicultural I think we have at least five or maybe ten cultures here and when the people live in peace without any problem everything is good we can share our thoughts about what we think .And you can learn new things about how to eat something in a healthier way that you have eat before an for me is really interesting, I think in my country unfortunately there more emigration than immigration, what I heard till now they're just a few countries that they choose our country to live or to came here for work most of them I think they're Chinese I think we have one of the largest Chinese bazaar with the Chinese items and I think we have Hungarian community and a community of Bulgarian.Here at St Mary’s School in Cardiff in Wales, more than 20 languages are spoken.

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