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Then I met him when my dad was hosting, and I was very interested.

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She hosted the show back in 1978 and met both Dan Ackroyd and musical guest Paul Simon during the week. It isn't lost on Cazzie David, either, how something about the show just seems to encourage romance."I met Pete when my dad hosted Saturday Night Live.

SNL has literally set up so many couples," she told us earlier this month. Well, not millions…I went earlier in the year when my dad was playing Bernie [Sanders], and I didn’t meet Pete then, but I was around.

"Weekend Update" tossed off a few barbs targeting Weinstein and his fall amid numerous accusations of sexual assault.

Colin Jost proposed that rather than the rehab Weinstein has pledged to undergo, jail would be more fitting.

Michael Che suggested that Weinstein's face resembles "chewed bubblegum rolled in cat hair." show is known for its politically charged content, but came under fire for ignoring the Weinstein scandal in last week’s show (7 October). Everything old is new again – producers are abusing starlets, there’s Nazis marching in the street, suddenly nude pantyhose are on trend — I’ve never felt more at home! ” Other quips included a poignant one from ‘Cotillard’: “One time a producer asked if I was comfortable with nudity, but it turns out he meant his own.” ‘Goldry’ added: “I actually did have one meeting with Harvey.

‘Actress Round Table’ is a regular sketch which focuses on the mistreatment of females in Hollywood and this week they took part in a mock film festival panel, with Leslie Jones playing Viola Davis, Cecily Strong as Marion Cotillard and Kate Mc Kinnon playing Debette Goldry. I was invited to his hotel room, and when I arrived, he was naked, hanging upside from a monkey bar.“Finally giving emoji fans the ability to describe what it was like to work for Harvey Weinstein.” Weinstein was fired from the board of his own company last weekend, and has come under intense scrutiny following the allegations, some of which date back decades.The film producer is now facing criminal investigations. In the mean time though, maybe this means we can hope for a "Wells For Boys" sequel.pairs famous contestants with regular folks who have, as the game show says, "come on down! Then they went back to talking and hanging with other people.” Another source confirmed, “Scarlett and Colin were flirting and canoodling in full view of everyone at the afterparty, including the ‘SNL’ cast and crew.

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