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Throughout most of the season, he struggles with establishing his place in the company.

He is often discriminated against as he is the only male, such actions including forcing him to be Sexy Santa at the Christmas party, and not receiving an invitation to Gina's baby shower.

Jess is stood up that same night by Benjamin's friend, which gets Schmidt to reluctantly leave the party with Nick and Coach to cheer her up.

Schmidt returns to the loft and brings up the 'no nail oath': a contract the male roommates signed when Jess moved in.

It states that it is forbidden to kiss or fool around with Jess unless they all get a chance.

Despite being a Grade A douchebag, Schmidt is somehow a likable character unlike the Grade A d-bags you know in real life. The show airs a special holiday episode tomorrow night.

Schmidt is one of the roommates in 4D, considers himself 'top dog' and runs the loft.

On the way to the restaurant for a double date, Schmidt instead lies to Cece telling her that Nick is cheating on Jess.

After Cece confronts Nick by punching him in the balls, Schmidt is forced to tell her the truth.Nick, Jess, and Schmidt end up in a standoff for the parking space.Schmidt wants the space so badly, he pees himself and Jess walks out after Nick claims their kissing was a mistake.The two women tell Schmidt that he has to choose who he wants to be with. Schmidt finds himself unable to choose between Elizabeth and Cece and ends up dating them both at the same time.Jess finds out from Nick that he is cheating on her best friend, so she tells Schmidt to come clean or she will tell Cece herself.Throughout the show, he makes references to his Jewish heritage.

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