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Occasionally images are seen where people, or more likely their shadows, are visible as single pixels, but this is the exception rather than the norm.Knowing the limits of satellite imaging capability will be useful in identifying whether a project is suitable for this type of analysis.Each company operates satellites with less than one meter panchromatic (black and white) resolution, with some also capable of less than two meter multispectral (color) resolution.

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But if an entire town has been burned, or if multiple villages have been shelled, creating a polygon outline of the area (as either a Google Earth KML or GIS-compatible shapefile) is more useful.

Because imagery can be time-consuming to analyze and since prices are based on the number of square kilometers purchased, it is usually beneficial to minimize, to the extent possible, the size of the area of interest.

Satellite images also lend themselves well to publication by news organizations, investigative reports and even legal proceedings because they can objectively substantiate eyewitness accounts and other reporting.

In addition to violent conflict, imagery can also be used to assess other issues, from deforestation to indigenous land rights.

A few simple questions the researcher can ask to determine if satellite imagery might be helpful include: If the answers to the above are all yes, it is possible that the human rights project is suitable for imagery analysis.

Researchers will then need to work through the process of identifying areas of interest, searching for and locating relevant satellite imagery, and acquiring and analyzing that imagery. Identifying the Area of Interest As a first step in any analysis project, it is necessary to define the boundaries of the area of interest.

Comparing images of the area before and after it was declared a CSZ revealed fresh bomb and shell craters and damage to rooftops.

This type of evidence gathering is helpful in corroborating NGO and eyewitness accounts of events on the ground and has been done in Burma, Zimbabwe, and elsewhere.

This level of resolution is ideal for analyzing conflict areas, where small houses and other structures are often destroyed by violence.

Most current satellites, however, cannot capture individual people because their dimensions, when viewed from above, are smaller than most imaging resolutions.

Searching for Image Sat Imagery Image Ordering Image Analysis A. Damage Assessment Report Generation Conclusion Introduction High-resolution satellite imagery can be used for human rights-related documentation, monitoring, and advocacy efforts.

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