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But during the rescue, his crew found the bodies of two children under a blanket.Captain Wilson said the incident had a “huge emotional impact”, with sailors later undergoing counselling.

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“As a master, the hard part is lifting the spirits of the crew after such events and returning to our normal and familiar work routines,” he added.

“The migrant situation in the Mediterranean is sad and heart-wrenching.

The clashes have pitted the Anas al-Dabbashi brigade, an armed group previously known for migrant smuggling, against the Operations Room to combat the Islamic State, which formed last year to oust jihadists from the area.

Fighting broke out when a Dabbashi brigade member was shot dead at a checkpoint, but the militia’s leader claimed the underlying cause was the group's move to stop the departure of migrant boats following Italy’s deal with the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) in Tripoli.

The crew arrived to find an overloaded migrant dinghy with 132 people on board, including two pregnant women.

Captain Wilson, who is originally from Falkirk in Scotland, launched a rescue boat and distributed life jackets, before helping transfer the asylum seekers to a French navy ship that took them to safety in Italy.Actor and fitness expert Greg Plitt died on January 17 after being hit by a train, police said. Police say that after the 28-year-old went out with friends on Thanksgiving, he was sleeping on the floor when someone noticed he was not breathing.One-time "American Idol" finalist Michael Johns died on August 1.Neither he nor his ship’s crew had any previous experience of search and rescue work but Captain Wilson said he was compelled to respond to the “unprecedented” crisis.His British-flagged ship, the Deep Vision, was sailing off the coast of Libya on 28 January when it received a call from the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) in Rome ordering it to sail to a boat in distress.But Captain Wilson said the number of rescues was “unprecedented”, adding: “The sheer scale of events and number of migrants were experiences took us by surprise.” Although his ship was working on a commercial charter, the 36-year-old said the laws of the sea require captains to assist any vessel at risk of being lost and anyone in distress.

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