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He’s very quiet, very solid and reliable and he just simply doesn’t understand.’ For both the stars, these two romantic roles are at once a departure and a return.Maguire, who as a boy starred in Grange Hill, has almost disappeared from British TV screens, but he became a significant sitcom star in America, thanks to Eve and The Class.

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‘When you live under the title of “heart-throb” or “pin-up” of course people flatter you a lot,’ he says, ‘as Michelle will certainly know – but I think the only approach you can take is to say thank you, and remember that someone in your position is really replaceable.’ Ryan, meanwhile, says that she has always been careful to avoid the kind of lifestyle traps that many succesful young actresses fall into.

‘I drove myself to the party for Bionic Woman,’ she says, ‘which meant that there was never any chance that I was going to be seen drunkenly falling out of some club.’ The pair admit, however, that going to Hollywood has changed their lives: ‘It is a different world,’ says Ryan, ‘and when I was preparing for Bionic I did have to get really fit, for instance – I’d go for all these long runs but now that I’m back in the UK I find that I’m still keeping up the regime.

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It is not normally the job of a journalist on a broadsheet newspaper to ask a former soap star how many men she has slept with.

What for most people would be a coincidence, however, for Saz has become a mission: ‘She’s absolutely determined that Mr Right should also be Mr 11,’ says Ryan.

Unfortunately Mr Right turns out to be Dan, a dashing doctor played by another former East Ender, Sean Maguire.

"I was starting to like her a lot and that was true, but I didn't mean it in a love way.

When the camera's are on, I felt on the spot, but we were having a good time together and once the cameras were off, I was like, 'Oh we have to be realistic about this situation. I wouldn't like it if you went back to New York and you were hooking up with other guys and vice versa.' I just didn't want a label, but she did.

"I was there for six nights and I was there for work to promote the 'Matchmaker' show.

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