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Folks, Amazon wouldn't be offering this product if there wasn't a market for it.

These heaps and drifts of retained data (and metadata) can be subjected to analytical processes not yet invented — historic data is still useful.

Firstly, the Gerasimov Doctrine which appears to shape Russian infowar practices against the west.

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And some of the potential applications of neural network driven deep learning and machine vision are really hair-raising.

We've all seen video of mass demonstrations over the past year.

Instead, we see soldiers and machine-guns and refugees and the presentation of inevitable border wars and genocides between the three giant power blocs. What we have today is a vision of disrupted by a torrent of data storage.

Circa 1972-73, total US manufacturing volume of online computer storage — hard drives and RAM and core memory, but not tape — amounted to some 100Gb/year.

It turns out that facial recognition neural networks can be trained to accurately recognize pain!

The researchers were doubtless thinking of clinical medical applications — doctors are bad at objectively evaluating patients' expressions of pain and patients often don't self-evaluate effectively — but just think how much use this technology might be to a regime bent of using torture as a tool of social repression (like, oh, Egypt or Syria today).

And this has created a battlefield where indirect stealth attacks on elections have become routine to the point where savvy campaigns pre-emptively place bait for hackers. The United Nations Development Program recently released a report, Journey to extremism in Africa: drivers, incentives and the tipping point for recruitment that pointed out the deficiencies in the Emperor's wardrobe with respect to security services.

Religion and ideology are post-hoc excuses for recruitment into extremist groups: the truth is somewhat different.

Here's a racist hand dryer — it's proximity sensor simply doesn't work on dark skin!

Engineers with untested assumptions about the human subjects of their machines can wreak havoc.) All of this is pretty horrific — so far, so 2017 — but I'd like to throw two more web pages in your face.

They also appear to be better than human beings at evaluating sexual orientation of a subject, which might be of interest in President Pence's Republic of Gilead, or Chechnya, or Iran.

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