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Yesterday’s attack at a supermarket in the Barmbek district of Hamburg has once again raised questions about Chancellor Angela Merkel’s controversial decision to allow more than a million refugees into the country.

The jihadist, believed to be from the United Arab Emirates, stormed into the Edeka supermarket shortly after 3pm local time on Friday afternoon.

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Brandishing the knife, he is believed to have shouted “Allahu Akbar”, or “God is great”, before unleashing his deadly assault.

According to Hamburg’s Mayor Olaf Scholz, the attack was “motivated by hate”.

Following his murderous rampage in Hamburg, he is cornered and forced to the ground by brave by-standers, who ensure he is handed over to police.

The armed attacker was handcuffed and driven away by armed officers, as blood continued to trickle down his face.

German police say Ahmed acted alone, and appears to have psychological issues as well as a religious motive for his attack.

Like Berlin Christmas market killer Anis Amri - who killed 12 innocent people by driving a lorry into crowds in December - Ahmed had been singled out for deportation but it had been delayed due to a lack of legitimate identification papers.

More detail we do not want to give away in order to keep the tension and surprise effect.

In the video, the suspected jihadist named as Ahmed A can be seen brandishing a bloodstained long-blade knife.

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Just moments earlier, he had killed a 50-year-old and seriously injured five others.

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