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From Sarasota it is a reasonable drive to Tampa or Orlando and all those cities have to offer. That being said, Sarasota has a terrible reputation for ill treatment of the low income and needy, despite it's success being built on the service industry that that economic class toils within.

The reputation of my hometown was sadly besmirched only recently by a woman of means who attended a meeting of residents and business owners in the affluent Rosemary District saying, "You say they're people, they're not people. They're abusing their rights." refering to the homeless.

There is a film festival that comes around, bringing celebs.

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I've lived in Sarasota, Florida for about ten years, and I absolutely love it.

I moved here from Orlando, because I just had to move closer to the beach. We were able to find a cute little house in a quiet neighborhood that's just a block away from Lido Beach.

Unfortunately this is pretty typical of the general attitude of the senior and wealthy in SRQ and this incident went viral, making Sarasota a focal point of the trend of illegalization of poverty.

Don't let this fool you, it doesn't mean you can expect to find Sarasota free of poverty, it has simply been ghettoed.

There is no State Statute stating that there is any penalty for not attaching the registration sticker.

There is a penalty for not renewing your registration, but that was not the case here.A history of art and culture, museums, botanical gardens, restaurants , festivals and galas.The Siesta Key Beach is incomparable for beauty and white quartz sand.I just wanted to jump on here and recommend Paradise Adventures. I got to visit with the owners Josh and Orlando - both really great guys!If you're looking for something to do give them a call.Unfortunately, there are also a lot of big condominiums near where we live, which can cause the area to get pretty crowded, especially during the summer. We have some of the bluest water and nicest white sand beaches I have ever seen.

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