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I would have loved if Hustle Kings was the PS4/VR version, that’d been sweet. I do love that they are giving away RIGS as a bonus VR title, cause now I’ll have more people to play with…It stinks what happened to Guerrilla Cambridge. I also wish we got Child of Light like EUROPE did instead of Strike Vector EX…It feels like a real low blow, especially since Strike Vector EX was already free for a short while. They had different offerings for LA and NA regions, but some LA gamers were able to get JC3 and some NA gamers were able to get SVEX before they plugged the whole. I haven’t played a good aerial combat game in years. PSVR I don’t own PSVR and nor do i want PSVR i rather have Hatoful Boyfriend for free then have Rigs for free. I rather games i can play and not need a 0 Device just to play it. cause if PSVita or PS3 is gonna drop 1 slot or all slots for PSVR titles then PS is only gonna be somewhat worth my money. They didn’t force you to buy a PSVR just because they are giving away an additional game aside from the usual PS lineup.I feel like I got gypped with buying Hustle Kings when it came out, then it went Free to Play, and I lost a lot of the functionality I paid for, and was locked out of the VR version, instead being placed on the DLC onlylist. My guess is that they wanted to do right to both regions and allow every Plus subscriber to get them all. Second Son was my first PS4 game and it will be nice to have it digital. I feel like i am getting screwed here while others are saying this is a welcoming edition. wow you are sad gamer , you do get ps plus is for all Sony platforms .

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Or is it a 7th PS PLUS game that is up for two months instead of one month, and as long as we download it in that two month period we can still play it after November 7 like every other PS Plus game? If you scroll down to where it mentions Dead by Daylight, it says play from Sep 15-18. There is nothing confusing or weird here, “Bonus” titles have been given out several times in the past, and have never been removed from Plus subscriptions, with exception to trial periods or Betas, which are not mentioned up above.

It gets confusing because sometime people write something is free (implying free to own) when it is really just free to use during the time period, like a free to play weekend. It was clear, it just didn’t go into extreme detail (nor should it need to).

in Famous: Second Son is a fresh, open-world action-adventure story in the popular in Famous series.

Set years after the initial installments, you’ll play as Delsin Rowe who unexpectedly discovers his own superhuman powers and must choose how to use them in a world where superhumans are now feared.

To be honest, I wanted the Child Of Light and Hatoful Boyfriend offered in Europe… It’s a good month, I just happen to be ahead of the PLUS lineup for the most part. Sony will and should support all their customers, not just you.

The only three titles I don’t have are Hue, Monster Jam Battlegrounds, and Sky Force Anniversary. I personally prefer the first 2 games, and Festival of Blood, but it’s still an incredible looking game and has a decent, if not as epic, plot. I hope Sony offers different package PS Options 1 for online 1 for the free games and lastly the package we have now for the price we have . You do realize you’re not the only or most important person in the world right? So Sony is screwing you because they are giving out a bonus? So if Sony doesn’t give out the bonus it would be a good month?Next up is Strike Vector Ex, a competitive first-person aerial combat game.Choose a ship and get your blood pumping in one of the many game modes.I own second son because every told me to try it out.Would totally appreciate a wider free game catalog each month to battle the issue people like myself who support PSN store’s sales having plenty of titles in the bank, but I don’t see blaming PS over picking something if I own it. Also, North America Play Station Plus already got Child of Light for free while back Hardware Rivals was super fun, and Disc Jam is great! Child of Light is just a typical RPG with a watercolour coat to make it appealing. @erestorpat Actually it was April 2015 that XB1 got Child of Light, and no one’s confusing it for that.but worse you have the nerve to act like PSVR game is wrong when its same as vita or ps3 games its a Sony system and if anything the ps3 games should be stopped not there newest system out VR.

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