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I licked the tattoo, then sank the length of his cock into my mouth and started sucking it while he laid back and watched.It slowly lengthened and thickened until it was a fat 9 inches long, thicker at the base.The head was perfectly shaped and smooth and there were thick veins running down each side of his hard shaft.

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He again emphasized that he was straight and lived with a girl friend who was at work.

He said he just occasionally liked to have his cock sucked by another guy, especially an older guy, because they gave the best head.

I went into that special cocksucker zone of consciousness where the only thing you're aware of is the big dick you're sucking on. He turned me around so that my head was toward his feet, then stuffed several pillows under my shoulders so that my head was flung back.

He'd grab my head and press down to bury full length in my throat or he'd hold my head up so that he could fuck a few inches at a time into my mouth and I must have worked on his cock for a good 20 minutes before he said, "I can't cum. I keep getting close but I can't shoot." I pulled his dick out of my mouth and asked, "Is there another way you like? He got on his knees over me and fed his cock into my open mouth, then leaned forward over me and started to fuck my throat.

We started up the steps, him leading the way, and I was already getting hard from the view.

With every step he took, his short towel would ride up and expose the bottom of his more than outstanding ass.

They always take me up on it and I bet several guys for drinks.

When I get enough guys betting, I pull it out and show them 'your name' and drink for free." I wondered why I never got to go to that kind of bar!

"That's a big dick," I said and he laughed and picked it up and flopped it around a few times, then said, "I told you it was large. I stripped out of my clothes and crawled up between his legs. "No, it's your name." I looked at him and he grasped his cock and turned it sideways.

I started to suck on his soft cock and noticed blue markings on one side. Badly tattooed in blue ink were the words "your name" running up the shaft. Say I go into a bar, I tell somebody 'I bet I've got your name tattooed on my dick'.

I noticed that he was using a cane and he told me that he'd been in a motorcycle accident and was still recovering and showed me the long scars that ran down both legs.

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