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"Since you are such a pervert, but otherwise a good guy, I figure I should help you with your problem. You're going to jerk off for me." "Vickie, look, I'm sorry about the other day..." "Stroke it now!

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You don't have to comment that it's problematic, I know that. ------------------------------ So I've been masturbating ever since I can remember. The bathroom has two doors, one to each of our bedrooms. "Come here." I saunter in to the bathroom where she's fixing her hair.

Warning #3: The buildup takes awhile, but hang in there! I thought I was a sex freak, but it turns out it wasn't all that abnormal. I was living at home with my mom (ugh) and sister Vickie. I wouldn't be writing about her if she was a skank.

Sunday night, we all went to our rooms after watching TV.

So, pervert, you like looking at naked girls." "Uh, well, I am a guy..." What the hell? "I'm guessing that since you had my bikini top wrapped around your cock, maybe you were thinking about something or someone in particular?

ok..." "Or maybe you should fuck your bed, like you were doing on my bed.

Make some noise." I start humping the bed, making the headboard hit the wall.

I'm always very careful, I put things away perfectly, don't make a mess or a wrinkle, nobody is the wiser.

So there I am, humping her satiny smooth spread, occasionally rubbing Vickie's D-cup bikini top on my cock, frantically turning the pages of the ' Velvet' magazine and some lesbians. No imagining what tits look like, I'm seeing some right here!

Yes, I was thinking of what your big tits looked like...

Answer me, don't fuck around" "Yes." "Stroke it." "Whu...

I get home, Mom's at work (she works later on Friday's), and Vickie's home!

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