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The report says the sweet or in some cases bitter taste of a medicine may trigger salivation and the secretion of mucus.

"Placebo-controlled clinical trials have discredited most tra-ditional cough medicines as they have ussually concluded that the cough medicine is little more effective than a matched placebo medicine.'' Expectorants These medicines work by affecting the production and clearance of mucus, and help bring up phlegm so that coughing is easier.

Duck liver Oscillococcinum, a medicine made from the heart and liver of the duck, is said to be effective in treating flu symptoms.

"A clinical trial on the treatment of influenza-like symptoms demonstrated superiority of the homeopathic medicine oscillococcinum over placebo,'' the Cardiff Common Cold Centre reports.

Folklore says it works, and so too do researchers at the University of Nebraska.

They found that it acts as an anti-inflammatory, and it speeds up the discharge of mucus to ease the symptoms of coughs and colds.

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Menthol works as a mild anaesthetic and is used to relieve sore throats. "Menthol provides relief from nasal congestion by causing a cool sensation in the nose and also relieves the symptoms of sore throats andcoughs by a local anaesthetic action.

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