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Social attitudes, lack of specific services, stigma, hate crime and LBT phobia are some of the issues that this community might have to deal with....

On the 21st of March and as part of LASS' 30th birthday celebrations, the Leicester LGBT Centre was invited to a training session with other LASS' partner organisations to learn and discuss the role of community HIV...

Relationship therapy has addressed areas of breakdown, affairs, self esteem, bereavement, moderate depression and anxiety (including OCD, Pure O and PTSD), and I work cognitively to improve communication and improve the status quo of the individuals concerned.

Mindfulness may help to bring some anxiety levels down here.

It maybe for some individuals that sex is not connected with love.

Additionally Sexual Anorexia and Asexual clients also present to work through what this means for them.

My role is to work with the client to understand what their issues really mean to them, and to help them create a healthier life for themselves and their loved ones going forward.

This may involve exploring immediate concerns in life or address 'deeper' issues present.I like to think that we have better things to do with our Saturday nights than troll Yik Yak for someone to satisfy our cravings. It seems most universities up and down the country have their fair share of insecure sex addicts.It’s a new phenomenon sweeping the nation but I prefer the days when dogs take up my feed, rather than “shag me, I’m lonely”. Every time I see a lonely heart yak I have flashbacks to PSHE lessons. ” The level of awkwardness is too much to bear – nothing is appropriate! When you put out a yak asking for a quickie, you’re not after romance. “You could have at least told me you weren’t human!For over a decade, the Lord Lieteniuents Young Person of the Year awards have been held in Leicester and celebrates the achievements of young people both from Leicester City and Leicestershire more widely...

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