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"There was a time when the news would have started off with sexual orientation, with 'This is what we always thought about gay people,'" he said. They cover us as if we're human beings." Traces of pride have been evident in Seattle, where Murray had long established himself as an icon of Washington state's LGBT-rights movement.

Before becoming mayor, he was the legislature's foremost advocate of legalizing same-sex marriage.

Any unspayed female dog in the stage of estrus (heat) shall be confined during such period of time in a house, building or secure enclosure, and the area of enclosure shall be so constructed that no other dog or dogs may gain voluntary access to the confined animal except for purposes of planned breeding.

Any animal that is in the state of estrus (heat) and that is not properly confined or any such animal that is creating a neighborhood nuisance, shall be removed to a boarding kennel, to a veterinary hospital or to the animal shelter.

Impoundment hereunder shall not preclude any court from imposing and executing any fine which might otherwise be levied under this article for violation of any of the provisions thereof, nor shall impoundment be a defense in any prosecution commenced hereunder.

If any dog is not redeemed by its owner or harborer within the time allowed for redemption as specified in section 2-207 thereof, the animal control officer, any authorized law enforcement officer, any authorized veterinarian, or any duly authorized pound personnel may destroy such dog or sell the same for the costs of impoundment and keeping, plus any registration fee due for the current year.

If the dog impounded has a current registration tag attached to its collar or if the impounding officer knows the identity of the dog’s owner, the owner of such dog, as shown by the records of the city clerk shall be notified in writing as soon as possible or at least 24 hours before such dog is disposed of by destruction or sale.

If, at the end of five days the city clerk has been unable to locate the owner, or the owner, upon having been located, refuses to claim or redeem said dog, then the dog may be sold, euthanized or otherwise disposed of.

The relief reflects a general sense that media coverage of these cases — notably those involving actor Kevin Spacey, Metropolitan Opera conductor James Levine and former Seattle Mayor Ed Murray — has been mostly fair and responsible, focused on the alleged misconduct rather than on sexual orientation.

The coverage "does represent an advance," said Darrel Cummings, chief of staff of the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

No registration shall follow without evidence of this document, and it shall be unlawful for the owner of any dog over six months of age to fail to maintain effective rabies immunization of such dog.

The owner or harborer of any dog shall, at the time of registering such dog, present to the city clerk a certificate from an accredited veterinarian showing that a male dog has been neutered or a female dog has been spayed, if the dog has been neutered or spayed.

It shall be unlawful for any person to take off or remove the city registration tag from any dog belonging to another, or remove the strap or collar on which the same is fastened.

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