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A lack of quality attention is the cause of many behavioural problems. Maintain eye contact during tricky behaviour by kneeling or crouching down at the child’s level.

Some parents fuel tantrums by reacting to them, getting angry, being overly sympathetic or giving in. The way to defuse a tantrum quickly is to divert the child before the full-blown tantrum has set in — a technique which is particularly good with the under-threes. Avoid tantrums on shopping trips by involving the child in a game while you shop and keep the trips short.

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The couple's new employee will be joining them and their young son on their forthcoming tour of Australia and New Zealand - and she will have been specially trained in self defence as well as how to 'skid pan' a car in poor weather conditions.

The training costs £36,000 in total and the college in Bath recently added martial arts training and stunt driving to its curriculum to cater for modern clients - many of whom are celebrities and the super-rich.

But this often makes the situation worse because the child will refuse to sit on their own or wander off.

Instead, use this ‘cooling off’ technique: Take the child to a quieter area and calmly explain why they have been removed.

Two mums, Louise Heren and Susan Mc Millan, spent a year at Norland College in Bath, which has been training Norlanders since 1892, and have written a fascinating book divulging the tricks of the trade — and pointing out where today’s parents are going so wrong. ’ Explanations work, because they help your child understand the reasons why something can’t be done.

Whingeing and whining drives most parents to distraction.If your child hates being strapped into the car seat, pretend you are pilots or astronauts or take a teddy or doll and get your child to strap them into a spare seat before you strap them in.Talking non-stop before getting into the car about where you are going and what you are going to do will keep a child’s mind on other things.But many parents don’t realise they are also guilty of using a whining voice every time they nag their children to do something.Getting a child to behave is primarily about getting a parent to behave. If your child whines but his request is reasonable, state calmly that of course he can have what he is asking for but only when he asks for it in a normal voice. Children can drive you mad sometimes, but raising your voice makes a situation worse. You can be firm and stern, but keep the volume down. If a child is shouting, he will usually stop to try to listen to you.For children who are difficult at bedtime, introduce them to the ‘Nanny watch’.

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