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If they had to walk to their local library every time they had something stupid to ask they would ask a lot less stupid questions. I tried a chatroom once and was talking to guy who claimed he was an obese fifty three year old man living in a caravan park but there is no way of knowing if these people are telling the truth.

I read a blog once by someone who had bought a scarf and he went on for about three hundred paragraphs about his scarf and where he bought it and how it made him feel. Why would I want anybody I don't know knowing what I am doing?

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I spent a good hour on this site and still have no idea what it is for.

All I could work out is that I am apparently a newfag and cannot triforce but am unsure as to why I would need to triforce in the first place.

Eight hundred and forty of these were adverts for viagra and the other three were pictures of lots of love cats.

I bought a 'no junk mail' sticker and stuck it on my modem but nobody has taken any notice.

But she does not make any money until a member asks her to “go private” in a one-to-one webcam session.

Working an eight-hour day, she earns close to 4,000 euros (£3,600) per month – nearly 10 times the Romanian average wage.

There was a fat italian kid who lived next door to me named Tony.

One day I shot him in the leg with a home made bow & arrow from my treehouse that overlooked his yard and his parents called the police.

When I was young and I wanted to know something, I was beaten for being too inquisitive.

That's the problem with the young people today, they have a google answer for everything. If I wanted to chat with strangers, I would pick up the phone and press random numbers.

It is not hard to understand how the web-cam industry, overall, generated an estimated -3bn in 2016.

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