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We are “foodies” that are always searing for the best places to get a really good bite to eat.

During our most recent trip this past Saturday; we enjoyed the most delicious Ham & Bean Soup ever!

Congratulations to Lesley Giovannelli, the #Fall Back On Burn winner for the November challenge #Thanks Burn.

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One of my brothers is 14 months older than me, so we grew up doing all of the same things.

I always wanted to keep up with him and his friends, and he pushed me to do things I likely wouldn’t have done had I not had him as a brother.

When the studio opened closer to home, I took my first class and was hooked. I keep coming back because it never gets boring, it always challenges me and it’s so convenient and efficient.

Plus, I love the Burn team and fellow client community.

I think he’s one of the reasons I am who I am today, not afraid of hard work and obstacles.

We were (and are) extremely competitive growing up, but he’s also one of my best friends.A free texting app is much easier to use than setting up meetings to make new friends on a busy schedule.Why bother with anything else when you can text free online anyone any time?We always recommend Burnap’s to all our friends and family.Best wishes for a smooth and productive summer season!Please forward your comments to [email protected] on our Facebook page.

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