Sexually arouse your chatmate

Sports figure(s) involved: Isiah Thomas Year: 2007 The final black eye on Isiah Thomas' disastrous tenure with the New York Knicks came in the form of a very messy and very public sexual harassment accusation from former Knicks marketing executive Anucha Browne-Sanders.

LSU eventually lost in the final to a talented Vanderbilt team.

Chatman’s sudden resignation has sent shockwaves through women’s basketball and has raised the specter of the lesbian predator once again.

Did anyone else imagine Joe Mc Carthy and his tribe of egghead-hating anti-communist zealots spun in their graves, while Paul Robeson, Eleanor Roosevelt, and all the leftist intellectuals who were ruined by 1950′s campaign against left intellectuals (because that is where it all began, friends) laughed and sang along?

Claire Potter's is the first book to look at the structural, legal, and cultural aspects of J.

However, the facts surrounding the reason for her resignation remain murky at best.

Aside from the unnamed source, there has not yet been any confirmation of the alleged misconduct by LSU officials.Luckily for Zeke, the one who got left picking up the tab was Knicks owner James Dolan.Regardless of who paid it, though, the whole fiasco didn't exactly make Knicks fans nostalgic for their one-time GM and coach.Last Wednesday, Chatman unexpectedly issued a press release stating that she had resigned from her position as head coach of the LSU Tigers in order to pursue "other career opportunities." No one believed her. Was she jumping ship to take an offer elsewhere — perhaps Florida ?Why would she announce her departure before the NCAA tournament beginning next week? That something else quickly took center stage as word spread that Chatman had been forced to resign under pressure, and that her downfall had something to do with an "improper" — as in sexual — relationship with a former player.And the media feeding frenzy that followed Chatman’s departure has only been made worse by a bungling LSU Athletic Department.

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