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When the war breaks out, suddenly questions are asked about their background and the deeper meaning of the lyrics in their songs.

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See full summary » Emmanuelle returns to her husband in Hong Kong and proceeds to have several extramarital affairs -- with his knowledge, of course.

Her husband's lover and American guest are both very ...

See full summary » I'm gonna write it in english, though I doubt many people outside France have the occasion to see it...

I was introduced to this movie by a french TV show talking about DVDs, done by a rather funny guy who is used to bashing "navets" as we call bad movies in french.

The class AB amplification has also been upgraded, but still pumps out around 20W.

Around the back of the right-hand speaker – the master, or control, unit – is the power socket, a 3.5mm line input, S/PDIF optical input, coaxial subwoofer output, and a 3.5mm output for the 2m braided cable that connects to the left-hand slave speaker.

In the end, I think the producer scene imagined by that guy was quite realistic; but the director managed to make an enjoyable movie with it, with weak or boring moments (some scenes seemed to be there just to make the movie a little longer), but with good moments.

The actors are lovable, not always very good, but at worst adequate.

It is August 1914 and war between France and Germany seems imminent.

However, she accepts an invitation to travel to Berlin as ...

See full summary » Rick, who runs a pinball arcade, lets a room to Penny, a young teacher and karate fan.

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