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In 2016, state elections were held in Berlin, Baden-Württemberg and three other states. Elections are based on proportional representation Germany has a voting system called mixed-member proportional representation.In the federal elections voters have two votes, the first is for a candidate, and the second is for a party.Traditionally the liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP) has often been the junior coalition partner of choice to the major parties, but their support has dwindled in recent years. There are two federal houses of parliament The Bundestag is the lower house to which politicians are directly elected. MPs in the Bundestag can also have different responsibilities, such as sitting on an oversight committee.

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Our foremost motivation is to show everyone the outstanding development in sterilization sciences over the past years and to strengthen the role of medical device reprocessing in health care.

The scientific board will carefully choose the lectures to offer every participant a very high educational value during the conference. William Keevil (UK) Chair in Environmental Healthcare, Principal Investigator (Microbiology & environmental health), Director of the Environmental Healthcare Unit, Chair of the University Genetic Manipulation and Safety Committee, Member of the University Safety & Occupational Health Committee Anke Carter (Germany) State Registered Nurse operating theatres Former CSSD manager, at present Consultant Health Care with specialization on CSSD and OR Vice chairwoman German Society for Sterile Supply (DGSSV), Chair of Education Committee of DGSV Cologne, Germany Prof.

in the World conference centre in Bonn we all have the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge about the reprocessing of Medical Devices.

It is a long time ago that Germany was the host of an international congress for sterilization sciences.

The participants have the most importance for the success of the 2017 World Sterilization Congress. Christine Denis, President of WFHSS Maik Roitsch, President of DGSV Klaus Wiese, Vice President DGSV Anke Carter, Vice President DGSV Frank Deinet, Treasurer of DGSV Adelheid Jones, Coordinatior Advisory Board DGSV Participation fees Dear Sirs, Dear exhibitors and participants, we are pleased to offer you today free hotel allotments for the 18th World Sterilization Congress from 4th till 7th October in Bonn, Germany.

You are warmly invited to accompany the congress actively by submitting a scientific paper. The City of Bonn, the DGSV board and all members of our society are looking forward to warmly welcome you! At the moment rooms are available from the 2nd till the 10th October at the following hotels: Bonn Marriott World Conference Center Single room EUR 119,00 per room/per night including breakfast Double room EUR 153,00 per room/per night including breakfast Under the following link you can find other hotel allotments: of hotels located near by the WCCB The pre-online registration has been closed.

If parliament passes a problematic law, or the executive makes a controversial decision, these can be challenged in court.

The Bundesverfassungsgericht (the Federal Constitutional Court) is the highest authority on whether a policy or law is compatible with the constitution.

Not only the federation has grown to a “World Federation” level, also the yearly conferences have gained in size and importance over the past years.

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