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Which kinds of strategies are used in such cross-movement mobilizations?

Which kinds of movements are the labor movement cooperating with?

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Session organizers: Jenny Jansson & Katrin Uba (Department of Government, Uppsala University, Sweden)There has been a recent increase in cross-movement mobilization against radical right wing groups in Europe and beyond.

One of the movements which have become increasingly active is the labor movement, and this panel is interested in how labor movements in different countries mobilize, cooperate and build alliances with other movements in order to fight the growth of radical right activism.

The panel welcomes empirical and theoretical contributions, comparative or single country studies and encourages the application of wide set of methodological tools.

Session organizers: Johanna Leinius (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt/ipb), Eva Kalny (University of Hannover) & Marco Antonio Teixeira (Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)In the last decades, social mobilization in Latin America has been transformed as with the increasing politicization of diversity: from the Zapatista uprising to the Latin American and Caribbean Feminist Encounters and the World Social Forum, building cross-movement alliances has been at the forefront of mobilization strategies and internal reflections for social movements in Latin America.

The conference will bring together fields of research in sociology, political sciences, and history.

Particular prominence will be given to social movement studies, industrial relations, international relations, political economy, and social history, in order to sharpen our understanding of internal modes of cooperation, tensions, synergies, and effects of interaction in cross-movement mobilization.For the expat with a family, there are many good schools (there are 61 primary schools to choose from), and the city is blessed with oak and beech forests to the south, and Bochum Zoo and Botanical Gardens in the center, as well as many other outdoor opportunities.The locals are friendly and always happy to help and the city is safe for visitors and expats alike.This panel focuses on movement experiences with cross-movement mobilization in Latin America.Its particular focus are the experiences, knowledges, and practices of emancipatory social movements striving to challenge Latin American coloniality.Get to know fellow internationals in your city, before you're moving, or when traveling somewhere and never feel like a stranger.

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