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If Azalea is to be believed, she experienced “a different creative change of heart” and felt she deserved “a break.” The far more likely story, however, is that ticket sales for the tour were low due perhaps to the lack of support slots being filled as well as the mounting backlash against Azalea.

According to Billboard, sources claim that certain dates on the 2015 “Great Escape” arena tour “were only 20 percent sold.”Well, Spears has responded to Azalea’s shade with a dig of her own, presumably aimed at Azalea’s canceled tour: As far as the Azalea backlash is concerned, well, it’s been brewing for quite some time.

According to Wikipedia, "The original concept was to portray Spears in a dream, lamenting over her ex-lover, by whom she was secretly pregnant with their child, but Jive immediately withdrew the idea once it was leaked to the public and received negative reception." Rolling Stone reported: "Her concept was to die in an overflowing bathtub with pills and booze strewn around, and get reincarnated as a baby.

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The coup de grace came when, this month, Azalea was forced to cancel her appearance at a Pittsburgh Pride event after several LGBT organizations pulled out of the parade in protest over her history of tweeting about “homos” and “dyke bitches.”“I am a firm believer in equality,” Azalea said in a statement.

“Unfortunately in the past as a young person, I used words I should not have.

They released 45 seconds of it on Britney's greatest hits DVD. You have to read this hilarious anecdote from EW: "According to Durst, who was producing some tracks for Spears in January, he developed a crush on her and slipped her a love note.

She responded by returning to the studio late at night in a ''see-through shirt with no bra'' and invited him back to her house.

The first show was December 27, 2013, and the last will be December 31, 2015.

On the opposite end of the touring spectrum is Azalea, who was forced to cancel her tour in late May owing to a variety of factors.

unforfunately im just featured…”When Spears’s fans took issue with the shade—Spears did little to promote the track, though that’s been her modus operandi for the last decade-plus—Azalea doubled down, writing to a critical fan, “my comment is factual, it applies to any song.

I dont have to suck the womans asshole 24/7 to be her friend, do i?

bye girls.”In 2012, Spears was named the highest-earning female musician in the land, taking in million.

The following year, she signed up for a two-year residency at The AXIS at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas that pays her a reported million a year.

Azalea, as is her wont, deflected the blame and placed it on Spears.

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