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Abusing these controlled pharmaceutical drugs for pleasure affect the pleasure center of the brain, the limbic system, making a person dependent on the drug, according to Bhutan Narcotics Control Agency officials.

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beside this this drug also has many SIDE EFFECT as it is printed on its pack over dosage is injurious to liver..... i didnt feel any thing when i was on the drug .as people says that they cant move their hand or cant do any job... generally i pop 6 tabs at once.....means in a single day i pop 3 strips...means 24 tabs... i cant see my future..because of this blue evil pils.

but i faced many other problem..drying of throat ....

It is the most abused pharmaceutical drug in the country.

Composed of paracetamol (400mg), dicylomine hydrochloride (10mg) and propoxyphene napsylate (100mg), SP is a multi-ingredient synthesized opioid used as a painkiller.

When a person abuses these drugs, it stimulates excess secretion of dopamine in the brain causing a euphoric feeling.

BNCA’s deputy chief counsellor, Sonam Jamtsho said that the euphoric feeling then becomes addictive whereby the dosage of the drug intake also increases with time.

Thimphu referral hospital’s clinical officer, Kunzang Tenzin warns that a maximum of four doses in 24 hours (five grams) is a lethal dosage.

The recommended dosage of paracetamol is 1,000mg and up to 4000mg a day for adults.

Codeine is found in opium and it is extracted from opium.

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