Special ops knives intimidating 911

Dark Ops has ensured that each Interceptor 9/11Available in a Carbon Black Titanium Carbo Nitride (Ti CN) vacuum deposited finish, the knife comes with a ballistic nylon knife sheath.

Fight for freedom with the Dark Ops Interceptor September 11th Spear Point / Tanto Knife.

The blade design of the Dark Ops Interceptor 9-11 Partially Serrated Tactical Knife offers a combination spear point and Tanto-style blade, offering the best attributes of both.

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If the effect is to make the wearer look sinister rather than badass, this is Sinister Shades.

If you're Making a Spectacle of Yourself, the effect is to make you look just plain . Aside from making them look badass, the reason behind them wearing shades is so they don't show that their eyes flinch when firing a weapon or having massive swords flung at their face.

The locking system has been proven in combat and is as strong as the CTV2 steel itself, with the pressure not born by small plunge locks, thumb studs, or unreliable liner locks.

Made by operators for operators in the greatest country in the world!

Dark Ops Interceptor 9/11 Fixed Blade Tactical Knife features a 9/11 blade stamp to remind its user of the enemy we face, the war we fight, and the heroes who fight it!

With the subdued 9/11 Tribute limited edition nomenclature on the blade of this Dark Ops knife, the operator carries with him or her a visible reminder of the heroic efforts of those who take arms in defense of liberty.

As the seasons go by, episodes focus more on the characters' bizarre and intersecting backgrounds, while surprisingly deep Character Development adds delicious layers to the humor. As of October 17, 2017, it is now the longest running Adult Swim original series.

means that it's time to kick ass, take names or do both.

The act of taking them off is a sign that somebody's about to get scrutinised by the badass, usually just prior to an asskicking.

Obligatory for a Cyber Punk setting, or for intimidating Deep South Lawmen. The opposite of Nerd Glasses, and the inverse of The Glasses Come Off.

Unfortunately Dark Ops Interceptor 9/11 Fixed Tactical Knife - 13.62in OAL is no longer carried by Optics Planet.

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