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I attended the WW2 ball in Boulder CO featuring the GMO.

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It was a very exciting and inspirational experience and I will be definitely be attending another one soon 🙂It was a real treat listening to your performance on Sept. It brought back memories of that big band sound in the 30’s & 40’s. Best wishes and much continued success.performance. He has always been a big fan of Glenn Miller and Jimmy Dorsey.

I especially enjoyed the female vocalist that night. Please keep on playing.[/one_half]We saw your lovely lady in red at the Ellen Theater in Bozeman. And thank you, too, for the addition of similar music to Glenn Miller. We’re hoping you’ll come to Billings, Montana soon. He was overwhelmed with your performance and his memories.

It is the second time for her from the last year, and she is saying that she wants to hear again next year. Please keep coming back we just love big band and GMO!!

Third year in a row my wife and I attended and as always the evening was fantastic.

Glenn Miller has inspired him to learn the trombone and he has developed a real passion for music.

Both of us had a wonderful time and your talents are off the charts. I went with friends to the recent Concert in Newcastle NSW on 24th Sept 2017, thought the band was great however, the concert was lacking something.You folks though of songs that I knew, and some I didn’t.My grandfather showed me The Glenn Miller Story with James Stewart made in 1954. Miller’s compositions and arrangements and I hope to learn more.I am so happy I was able to see my all time FAVORITE jazz band live 🙂 I may have been the only 17 year old in the audience but I didn’t care- In The Mood was my absolute favorite song and I am so excited I got to see you guys play!I even got to talk to the trombone section (my instrument also). For those of us who love the sounds of the Big Band Era, your shows are always a treat.From what I have seen y’all are amazing and I can’t wait to hear more from the Orchestra.

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