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The Corporate Archives division of Transport for London recently held a short internal exhibition at their headquarters at Palestra, called “Mapping London” and showcasing new and old maps of London’s transport from the archive.

Amongst the highlights included this Lego historic tube map.

University College also gets a nice drawing in, above.

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Art Deco buildings come both the imposing and the delicate.

Former examples include Senate House, the chunky building that is the University of London library (and allegedly was going to be the UK HQ for the Germans if they had won the Battle of Britain), and the London Underground HQ at 55 Broadway, which sits above St James’ Park station.

The reverse of the map includes a complete list of the buildings that are highlighted on the map, including the designer, build year and listing status.

We really like the silvery background paper which makes the map stand out and gives it a bit of style.

The Lego is modern but the map was one of the last pre-Beck (pre-straight lines) map of the tube network, from the early 1930s.

It contrasts with the light-up Lego map of the modern network that was recently installed in the new Lego shop on Leicester Square.

I also liked this experimental Braille map of the tube network, from the 1990s.

As well as the big station areas with their names written in Braille, the lines themselves have different patterns, a little like physical version of the current black & white map of the network, an adaptation of which was used in this colour-blind tube map.

It’s rather a clever idea and allows for the creation of your own song-narrated self-guided tour of each central London neighborhood you happen to be in.

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