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SR (TM) Films are enlightening, uplifting, entertaining, but most of all artistically appealing.MISSION & OBJECTIVE SR - Socially Relevant Film Festival New York is a festival that focuses on socially relevant film content and human interest stories.

PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION, THE RULES, and THE TERMS thoroughly before completing your submission. SRFF believes waiving entry fees hurts the integrity of the competition.

The same rules and entry fees should apply to all applicants so no one film is favored over another.

SR (TM) believes that through raised awareness, expanded knowledge about diverse cultures, and the human condition as a whole, it is possible to create a better world free of violence, hate, and crime.

SR Socially Relevant (TM) Film Festival New York shines the spotlight on filmmakers who tell compelling, socially relevant narratives across a broad range of social issues without resorting to gratuitous violence and violent forms of movie making.

The festival supports its filmmakers beyond the weeklong festival, as it showcases the selection films in other venues and at the Cannes Film Festival Doc Corner.

ABOUT THE FESTIVAL Founded by Artistic Director Nora Armani, SR is based in New York.

To date, SRFF has screened an international slate of 206 films from 35 countries since its inception in 2013.

The festival offers industry panels on Distribution, Storytelling, Diversity Casting, Marketing and Film Finance in partnership with the School of Visual Arts Social Documentary Film school, and organizes spotlight panels on such themes as Empowering women, AR/VR and 360 films, Low Budget Film Productions workshop with SAG-AFTRA, Filming in New York with the NY Governor's Office for Film and TV Development. Filmmaker Q&A's follow most of the screenings where filmmakers are present in the case of almost all the feature films and most short films when possible.

SR's human interest stories and character driven films reflect good storytelling as shorts, documentaries, narrative features and scripts in the competition.

SR films can be commercially viable and can become box office successes when distributed through the proper channels and platforms.

This in-kind winning awards (a total value of -20K) cannot be exchanged for monetary rewards.

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