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An older colleague saw she was having trouble supporting herself, so he started inviting her on golf trips with his friends and buying her gifts.

The man told her, “You’re only going to be young and hot for so long.

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Sex isn’t the only motivator for sugar daddies, according to Brandon Wade, the founder and CEO of Seeking Wade, 42, (who met his wife, 27, on the site) said most of the men on the site begin communication with potential sugar babies by asking them why they’re looking for a sugar daddy.

He’s found that women who say they need money to pay for school get asked out more often than those who admit they want cash for breast implants, for instance.

She said she doesn’t consider herself a prostitute because she doesn’t have sex with most of the men she meets through the site.

The 23-year-old started engaging in relationships with older, wealthy men after moving away from home at 18.

While most of the sugar daddies Cervantes has met through the website prefer to arrange a per-date per diem, one married man wrote her a check for $1,600 to go toward her tuition and rent after their monthlong courtship.

She said she prefers dating married men because they tend to be more paternal and offer a steadier source of income than single men. Seeking Arrangement.com’s Wade said the men who subscribe to his site are discouraged from offering money on a per-date basis to avoid operating like an escort service.With tuition for two courses at her California university demanding ,300, it’s not the workload that has her putting off the final class she needs to graduate in May. The 25-year-old has worked as a maid and retail clerk to make ends meet, but she says that dating the men she encounters on has proved to be a more lucrative endeavor.“I’ve had a hard time finding jobs and keeping jobs,” she said.“Some of them just wanted to go out to eat,” she said. Some of them just said outright, ‘Can we (have sex) for this amount of money?’ And I’ve said no.” But she admits that sex ups the ante — if a sugar baby consents to an intimate relationship, she’s likely to get more gifts out of her benefactor.On one hand, he said, these relationships remind the men of a more carefree time in their own lives.

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